Personal Training

Over the course of our lives, our bodies continually adapt to the stress we put them through, including acute injuries, lifestyle habits, lack of use, over use, and ingrained patterns of movement.

The time comes when we want to correct those imbalances to build strength, increase mobility, or lose a few unwanted pounds, and it begins with the intent to change our lifestyle.

Individual instruction is the most effective way of tailoring a program designed for your needs, tracking your progress, and maintaining accountability to make the changes you want to see.

One of our guiding principles toward this change is a focus on posture. We start from a position that optimally aligns the joints through any given movement, minimizes the risk of injury, corrects imbalances, improves efficiency, and enhances general health and appearance.

Whether we are doing a kettlebell swing, a vertical jump, or a forward bend, we work with you to maximize the efficacy of the movement, improve focus, and move you closer to your optimal self. Our goal is more than simple exercise: it is to be physically intelligent, resilient, and capable.

Developing this high quality of movement is one of the most effective ways of preventing injury, while attaining the optimal level of fitness and mobility that you desire.

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