Personal Training

Over the course of our lives our bodies are continually adapting to the type of stress we put it through including acute injuries, lifestyle habits, lack of use, over use and ingrained patterns of movement.

The time comes when we want to correct those imbalances and build strength, increase mobility, or lose a few unwanted pounds, and it begins with the intent to change our lifestyle.

Individual instruction is the most effective way of tailoring that program, tracking progress, and maintaining accountability to make the changes.

One of our guiding principles toward this change is a focus on posture.

We start from a position that optimal alignment of the joints through any given movement minimizes the risk of injury, corrects imbalances, improves efficiency, and improves general health and appearance.

Whether we are doing a kettlebell swing, a vertical jump, or a forward bend, there are guidelines that maximize the efficacy of the movement, improve focus, and move us closer to our optimal selves.

Our goal is more than simple exercise, it is to be physically intelligent, resilient, and capable.

Developing this high quality of movement is one of the most effective ways of preventing injury, while attaining the optimal level of fitness and mobility that you set your mind on.

Our Trainers



Over the last 2 decades of his professional fitness career, Travis has studied exercise science, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and coaching psychology. He has earned multiple certifications in bio-mechanics, exercise anatomy/physiology, corrective exercise, group fitness, yoga, and martial arts.

He combines this academic study and extensive experience in working with hundreds of clients in correcting movement patterns, with his own personal process to guide his training method and feedback. Over this time he has developed a template of training that teaches the client how to move as well as what to do. This comprehensive system focuses on the complete development of the individual as a way of achieving and maintaining an optimal level of fitness at any age. It allows for modifications for any skill level.

Travis grew up on the coast of California, playing in the surf, scaling rocks, and cycling the hills. His first playground and front yard was the beach and surf culture of Laguna Beach in the 70s. In the 80s he floated between the Bay Area skate punk scene, and his adventure buddies that pushed the boundaries of safety, and common sense on the rugged coast and hills of Sonoma County. In 1990 he moved to San Juan Island and became acquainted with the boating community and a culture of self sufficiency in the tough, salt of the earth, back to the farm semi-expatriates.

His early fascination of Martial Arts and philosophy was strongly influenced by Bruce Lee, and Obi Wan Kenobi, and it started him on a path as a teen to develop a practice that has shaped his perspective on discipline, perseverance, tolerance, limitations, perceived limitations and the slow power of tenacity. Those early instructors, and many since, encouraged Quality as the primary goal.

That perspective has shaped an ongoing practice that has incorporated strength and endurance training into his lifetime practice of yoga and martial arts. It places form and function as the primary guidelines int the pursuit physical excellence. Further influencing a methodology and systems approach to optimal fitness is the growing science based data that confirms the anecdotal evidence that exercise makes more than tough, lean resilient, and capable bodies; it is vital to maintaining mental and emotional health and balance, especially as we age.

Travis is 48 years old, has a daughter recently graduated from college, and pursuing a masters in Art. He lives on his off-grid boat The Enterprise, in Lake Washington near Seward Park. He swims daily, year round, and continues to surf and cycle and play in and on the coast and mountains of the great NW. Over the last decade he has attempted to learn Argentine Tango, and has taught and performed throughout the region, including a regular gig at the Buenos Aires Grill.

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health. -Hippocrates


Dmitriy's movement background stems from martial arts, yoga, strength and fitness training among others. His passion lies in helping people increase their range of physical self expression and emotional resilience through intentional exercises, drills and games. He holds a 2nd degree blackbelt in HapKiDo under Grandmaster D. Herbert and has been teaching martial arts in group and one-on-one basis for the past decade. More recently he has been exploring a more holistic generalized approach to movement inspired by Ido Portal's method which he explored in the 2017 movement camp. He is excited and honored to be able to share his insights and experiences with people seeking to challenge and reinvent themselves through physical practice.


Throughout Doug's life different disciplines would inspire him and he would spend years enjoying them until a change in geography or just the opportunity to learn something new led him on a different path. He started with traditional team sports and moved on to skateboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, SUP, Filipino martial arts, CrossFit, yoga and qigong. Pursing these activities has allowed him to meet and build friendships with many interesting people and has taken him on amazing adventures around the world. Through it all he has discovered that simply having fun with people and exploring what the body and mind are capable of is what we all enjoy and makes us feel alive. He joined GymSmithy because it's a great environment for learning the basic tools to deal with moving at a high level and developing skills that carryover to any application. He hopes to share these efficient and fun methods to help others move better in their chosen activities and make fitness a sustainable part of their lives.

Prior to moving to Seattle three years ago Doug lived in Boulder, Colorado where for a decade he traveled throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean working in the Resort and Hotel finance industry. Following the liquidation of the company he took two years off traveling and living throughout Asia, the Middle East and Central America. When he's not training at GymSmithy he can be found across the street, where he lives, investing in stocks, trading options, working on projects, and learning to code alongside his girlfriend, Dutch Shepherd puppy and Scottish Fold cat.


Appointments are made on a first come first serve basis. Most people map out their training schedule when they purchase a package in order to secure their ideal schedule.

After signing up for your first package you will have access to your account and the online schedule . All packages include up to two people per session for the same price.



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