Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga connects breath to movement (Vinyasa) in a rhythmical flow that builds fluid strength, functional mobility, and dynamic balance.

This class is the product of 25 years of practice in a variety of Yoga and Martial Arts disciplines.

We connect the mind and body through fluid movements guided by the breath and anchored to our posture and alignment.

Dynamic Yoga is a perfect balance to RetroFit, or any strength training program, and is a powerful tool for self maintenance on it's own.

Consistent practice builds character, strengthens the spirit, and provides a practical framework for personal growth. No experience necessary. Modifications are given for all levels and abilities.


Over the last 2 decades of his professional fitness career, Travis has studied exercise science, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and coaching psychology. He has earned multiple certifications in bio-mechanics, exercise anatomy/physiology, corrective exercise, group fitness, yoga, and martial arts.

Full Bio


Katie Berman has been studying yoga for over 11 years and teaching for over 7. With a background in modern dance, she was drawn to the discipline and creativity of yoga, and the clarity of mind it cultivates. Katie completed her 200-hour training in Vinyasa Flow yoga from Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC in 2010, and went on to get certified in Yin Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. In the course of her training she has studied with David Kyle, Simon Park, Shiva Rea, and Alison West, among many others. She teaches to inspire students of all levels to flow at their edge—to explore new movements and discover new truths—in a safe and supportive environment. Her love of other healing arts, such as acupressure and essential oils, also make their way into her classes. Katie's "full time" gig is with her two little girls, who constantly challenge her to live, think, breathe...and, most importantly, play in the present moment. She also loves hiking, biking, and soaking up long walks along the lake.