Personal Training

Over the course of our lives, our bodies continually adapt to the stress we put them through, including acute injuries, lifestyle habits, lack of use, over use, and ingrained patterns of movement.

The time comes when we want to correct those imbalances to build strength, increase mobility, or lose a few unwanted pounds, and it begins with the intent to change our lifestyle.

Individual instruction is the most effective way of tailoring a program designed for your needs, tracking your progress, and maintaining accountability to make the changes you want to see.

One of our guiding principles toward this change is a focus on posture. We start from a position that optimally aligns the joints through any given movement, minimizes the risk of injury, corrects imbalances, improves efficiency, and enhances general health and appearance.

Whether we are doing a kettlebell swing, a vertical jump, or a forward bend, we work with you to maximize the efficacy of the movement, improve focus, and move you closer to your optimal self. Our goal is more than simple exercise: it is to be physically intelligent, resilient, and capable.

Developing this high quality of movement is one of the most effective ways of preventing injury, while attaining the optimal level of fitness and mobility that you desire.


RetroFit is a comprehensive circuit training class created to achieve optimal fitness at any age. Every class is designed with the whole body in mind; developing strength, endurance, balance, agility and core control with every session.

All movements are offered with entry level modifications and advanced options for every level and skill set.

Timed intervals set a consistent framework for staying focused and tracking progress.

Classes are kept small to allow the instructor to circulate, offering assistance and guidance.

Our mission is to build lifetime athletes that are physically intelligent, lean, muscular, well functioning individuals with stamina, focus, and discipline.

Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga connects breath to movement (Vinyasa) in a rhythmical flow that builds fluid strength, functional mobility, and dynamic balance.

We connect the mind and body through fluid movements guided by the breath and anchored to our posture and alignment.

Dynamic Yoga is a perfect balance to RetroFit or any strength training program, and it is a powerful tool for self maintenance on its own.

Consistent practice builds character, strengthens the spirit, and provides a practical framework for personal growth. No experience necessary. Modifications are given for all levels and abilities.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga is a partner practice that blends acrobatic and yoga structural integration with the healing arts of Thai massage.

In this all-levels class series, you will learn a few fundamental principles of acro yoga that will enable you to balance with your partner and flow between transitions without brute force or extreme flexibility.

You will also learn some Thai massage techniques in the form of partner stretching.

In each class in the series, you will exercise these fundamental principles to build on and refine your acro yoga practice.

The cost of the acro yoga class is to be paid to the instructor at the beginning of class.