Building Bodies That Last a Lifetime

Personal Training and Group Classes

Functional Movement Training

Our mission is to build lifetime athletes who are physically intelligent, lean, muscular, well-functioning individuals with stamina, focus, and discipline. We provide you with skill development, skilled observation, effective feedback, and individual coaching to help guide you towards your optimal potential.

The foundation of the instruction is in posture and bio-mechanics, following the guidelines of corrective exercise science, anatomy, and physiology. We are committed to the principle that movement is integral to mental health, acuity, and longevity. We focus on movements and exercises that are skill-centered, and that involve increasing levels of focus, balance, and coordination which develop functional movement patterns seen throughout all sports, martial arts, and dance.

Located in Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood, GymSmithy offers personal training, group circuit training , and yoga classes to help you achieve your optimal performance at any age.

Personal Training

Individual instruction is the most effective way of tailoring a program designed for your needs, tracking your progress, and maintaining accountability to make the changes you want to see. Personal training sessions are by appointment only and include up to two people per session at the same price.

Group Classes

Our core training program is the RetroFit circuit training class. Additionally we offer Dynamic Yoga and Family Yoga classes which are a perfect balance to any strength training program.